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Now Open for breakfast

It's been a while now and we've decided it's about time. Sleeps over rated. We don't need it, you don't need it. But what we need is nutrition. We need those gains to carry us through those long days and we damn well want it to taste good. Fresh. Like mom made it at home. But it's better then your moms cooking. And it's on the go. Convenient. Sort of quick.. Made to Order. Upgrade your morning. Stop on by 

A Destination

Not only do we promise to feed you, we promise to entertain you. With food so good that after you post it onto the social media world, you drop your phones for a second and enjoy a meal like how it deserves to be treated. Stop on by to find your new spot. 


Introducing the newest member of the wtf family

Created by our very own sushi master, masterpeices to satisfy every raw craving

being the new fad, and us being as cool as we are we bring you poke like you've never seen before
CHOOSING only the freshest ingredients we bring you nothing but the best mouth watering experience.
Stop on by  for a taste bud overload. Once you go raw, you don't go back. located in the wtf food court

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The #Wtfexp is a philosophy that is far past exchanging money for food. We don't only believe in serving food, we believe in having a conversation That even though we want you to pick up your phone and tweet about us, we want to serve food so good that after your first bite for one second you sit back and you're like.. oh em gee. That was amazing, and after you pick up your phone and post pictures saying WTF was that and snap pictures wishing it can capture the aroma, you sit back and just enjoy your food. Put your phones on the table, set them aside and remember what it's like to be human. Before you received all your crucial life events in abbreviations in the palm of your hands and your calories were counted before they were absorbed 

Talk to friends, talk to family, or talk to yourself just like we do for entertainment.

A #tastebudoverload that it knocks you out the social media world? Now that's the WTF Experience.  Good company can't be bought or trained and that's what you'll receive. #Real #WtfExp