The euphoric experience found in eating our food inspired a blog itself. "WTF” harkens to a time when life was slower and cooking was sacred. With the hyper-convenience of modern life, many of us can only operate a microwave. Enjoying a home cooked meal is now a luxury. We at #wtfexp aim to remedy that; to weave our food origins back into everyday life.

Our editorial scope is simple. By contextualizing each post with explanations we dictate fit and historical facts we create, we hope to inspire you to take the #wtfpledge. To promise to never cook again. To eat every meal with us. To become family. To be able to say I didn't chose the #wtflife, the life chose me. While our recipes can incorporate everything, we recommend never trying this at home because it isn't nearly as fun. But in all seriousness we want to take back a little of what technology has taken. We strive to serve food so good that after you've posted pictures of it and shared it through out social media, the food can knock you off your senses and for one moment, you put your phone down and enjoy life. More then your money we want your company, so stop on by, have a conversation, let's be human. 

double-u |ˈtee-eff|

ADJECTIVE used to describe a taste bud overload, typically used to express the oh em gee experience found in , sandwiches, and side dishes.

ORIGIN late 18th cent.: Italian, from Latin, ‘wow.’